„The Dragon Isles“: Leak des nächsten WoW-Addons?

„The Dragon Isles“: Leak des nächsten WoW-Addons?

Dieser Leak stammt aus dem Forum von MMO-Champion

Angeblich entstammt der einem Developer-Discord-Treffen

Es sind einige ganz nette Ideen dabei, daher poste ich die Sache einfach mal hier rein: – New Zone: The Dragon Isles – New Race: Black Dragons – New System: World Shaping End of Shadowlands – In the fight with the Jailer Azeroth is ruptured

We beat the Jailer and save the planet, but there’s consequences

Some „stay a while and listen“ events after the fight describe the state of Azeroth

Magni reverts back from diamond form. – 9.2.5 pre-expansion event being put together is huge

Lots of reused events like earthquakes and invasions but also a massive Timewalking event that’s being designed as a „mini-season-of-mastery“ across lots of Azeroth centric dungeons and raids

Devs want players familiar with the history of Azeroth before 10.0, a “big tour” of old events and lore. – „Crazed“ Troggs, Quilboar, Mantid and Elemental invasions across most of Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms, Nort